UNCG Emergency Management

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If A Power Outage Occurs

Remember, if it is an emergency, CALL UNCG Police at 334-4444! Otherwise, follow the steps below.

Notify UNCG Facilities Operations during regular business hours, between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM. If it is after hours, notify the UNCG Police Department. REMAIN CALM.  Wait a few minutes for emergency power to come on to provide emergency lighting.  If evacuation of the building is required, assist any disabled persons and use the stairway to exit. DO NOT use elevators.  Unplug all nonessential electrical equipment, televisions, and computers. Turn off light switches as a surge may blow out left-on lights and other equipment when power is restored. Contact Facilities Operations for information regarding scope and expected duration of outage.

A Power Outage In A Laboratory Or Research Facility

Follow these recommendations if a power outage occurs in a laboratory or research lab:

Laboratory personnel should secure experiments or activities that may present a danger when electrical power is off. Also consider what could happen if power is unexpectedly restored.  Notify the lab supervisor immediately.  Take actions to preserve human and animal safety as well as research.  Keep essential research refrigerators and freezers closed throughout the outage to keep them cold.  If conditions are hazardous, notify Environmental Health and Safety during regular business hours. If it is after hours, notify the UNCG Police Department.  If a laboratory fume hood is non-operational, cap all open containers and close the sash.

If You Are Trapped In An Elevator

If you are trapped in an elevator, push the "Call for Help" button. Speak with the dispatcher and identify the building, elevator number, and floor.

If Others Are Trapped In An Elevator

If someone is trapped in an elevator because of a power outage, call the UNCG Police Department. Give specific directions to the inoperative elevator and have someone meet emergency personnel outside of the building. Tell passengers to remain calm, help is coming. Talk to passengers until emergency personnel arrive.

Additional Resources

UNCG Facility Operations: 336.334.5684

UNCG Environmental Health & Safety: 336.334.4357

In the event of any emergency, know who to call:  

  • On-Campus: Contact Campus Police – 336.334.4444
  • Off-Campus: Contact 911

Office of Emergency Management:

Email: BeReady@uncg.edu
Phone: 336.256.8632