UNCG Emergency Management

Are You Ready Spartans?


While rare, you may come across a hazardous material.  Hazardous materials can be many things, including a chemical that has spilled, a leaking cylinder, or a gas leak from a car or building (for the purposes of this section).  The response to these types of situations may vary depending on the material.  The most important thing to remember is avoid the area and contact emergency personnel.

General Action Steps:

  1. Unless trained to do so, do not attempt to clean up the spill or stop the leak yourself.
  2. Evacuate the immediate area as necessary. 
    • If there is a fire, pull the fire alarm and evacuate the building. 
    • DO NOT pull the fire alarm to evacuate a building during a gas leak.  University Police and the fire department will evacuate facilities as necessary.  Activating the fire alarm may create additional hazards. 
  3. Notify University Police (336) 334-4444 and provide as much information as possible:
    • Where has the accident occurred?
    • What do see/smell?
    • Is the leak inside or outside?
    • Is anyone injured?
    • Is the leak fast or slow?
    • What type of material is it?
    • Fire or smoke?
  4. Follow the instructions of emergency personnel.
  5. Wait in a safe location away from the immediate for emergency personnel.  DO NOT re-enter the area until instructed to so by emergency personnel. 

In the event of any emergency, know who to call:

  • On-Campus: Contact Campus Police – 336.334.4444
  • Off-Campus: Contact 911

Office of Emergency Management:

Email: BeReady@uncg.edu
Phone: 336.256.8632