UNCG Emergency Management

Are You Ready Spartans?


During some emergencies, it may be necessary to evacuate.  The exact procedures, including where you will evacuate, will be determined by the emergency.  Evacuations are generally required when remaining in your current location is potentially more dangerous than leaving.  As you evacuate, remember that your safety is always most important.

General Action Steps:

  1. Remain calm.
  2. When an announcement is made to evacuate, immediately leave the area.  Announcements may be in the form of a fire alarm, emergency alert, verbal message from emergency responders, etc…
  3. Alert others as you leave the area.
  4. If you are inside of a building, use emergency exit stairs to leave the building. DO NOT use elevators.
  5. If you are inside of a building, shut doors as you exit.
  6. If you are outside, follow the directions of the evacuation message or emergency personnel to determine where to evacuate to or the area to avoid. 
  7. If you are directed to an evacuation assembly area, DO NOT leave the area until instructed to do so by emergency personnel. 
  8. Follow instructions of emergency personnel.
  9. If you are unable to evacuate a building: go to the nearest emergency stairwell, notify University Police (334-4444) or 9-1-1 of your location, and wait for further assistance from emergency personnel. 
  10. DO NOT re-enter the area until instructed to do so by emergency personnel. 

Remember: During some evacuations, you may not be allowed back into the building or campus for an extended period of time.  While you should not comprise your safety to gather materials before evacuating, take any items you may need such as medication when you leave the area. 

In any event, always remember to follow the instructions of authorities as information becomes available.  Remember to take all warnings and alerts seriously. 

In the event of any emergency, know who to call:

  • On-Campus: Contact Campus Police – 336.334.4444
  • Off-Campus: Contact 911

Office of Emergency Management:

Email: BeReady@uncg.edu
Phone: 336.256.8632