UNCG Emergency Management

Are You Ready Spartans?

Emergency Preparedness

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro has made emergency preparedness a priority, and is dedicated to providing a safe campus environment. The University maintains an Emergency Operation Plan and a Crisis Communication Plan, which can be activated during emergencies that require a coordinated effort between University departments and officials. UNCG also has in place an Emergency Planning and Response Team (EPART) and the Chancellor’s Crisis Policy Group to help coordinate planning efforts and respond to urgent situations when they arise. Emergencies can develop from many situations. It is important to always be aware of your surroundings, and note any unusual circumstances (for example: a suspicious person, a suspicious package, smoke, etc...).

If you believe that an emergency exist, immediately call for emergency assistance by one of the following methods:

  • Dial 336.334.4444 (for emergencies on campus) or 911
  • Emergency Blue Light Phones:
    • Press the emergency call button
    • Beware of your surroundings
    • If safe, wait for assistance
    • Inform the dispatcher of the emergency
  • Classroom Intercom Box:
    • Press Campus Police call button
    • Inform the dispatcher of the emergency

To help better prepare you for an emergency, take time review the emergency quick reference guide below.  Print a copy and post in your workspace or room.

Some emergency situations require crucial information be shared with the University community. UNCG has multiple notification systems in place to alert individuals of emergency information during these situations. Emergency information can also be located using the following resources in the event crucial information needs to be shared during an emergency:

  1. Facebook and Twitter: Follow the UNCG Police Department and Office of Emergency Management on Facebook and Twitter to receive up-to-date information to help keep you safe: Police – UNCGPolice and Emergency Mgt: ReadyUNCG
  2. UNCG Emergency Information web site: http://SpartanAlert.uncg.edu provides up-dated emergency information during an emergency, as well as emergency preparedness information. Visit this web site before an emergency happens to learn what to do and how you can be notified of an emergency situation.
  3. UNCG Homepage: http://www.uncg.edu-Provides up-dated information and links during an emergency.
  4. Adverse Weather Hotline: (336)334-4400 - Provides pertinent information relating to the emergency event.

For more information on emergency preparedness at UNCG, contact the
Office of Emergency Management:

Email: BeReady@uncg.edu
Phone: 336.256.8632