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Spartans Act: Disaster and Emergency Volunteer Program

Emergencies and disasters can strike at any time with little or no warning.  While it is not always something we like to think about, it is important to be prepared when they occur.  UNCG recognizes the importance of preparedness and having a well trained staff of employees and volunteers ready to respond when an emergency happens. 

Volunteers can play an important role in the University’s response to emergencies and disasters that impact campus.  They have the ability to provide assistance in critical roles and help make a difference in the lives of those impacted by a disaster.  UNCG has established a program that allows current UNCG faculty and staff the opportunity to assist in the response efforts following a significant emergency or disaster on campus. 

The program, which is called “Spartans Act: Disaster and Emergency Volunteer Program,” was created to allow faculty and staff without an assigned role on campus during emergencies a way to share their knowledge and skills to help the University respond more effectively to significant emergencies.  Participants serve strictly as volunteers and provide an invaluable service while making a difference in the campus community.  Opportunities include emergency call center operators, greeters, volunteer coordinators, exercise evaluators, community preparedness, and many more.

Training and Experience:

No experience is required to serve under the Spartans Act Program. All participants undergo a core training program consisting of approximately 20 hours, and introduces topics such as the National Incident Management System, the University's Emergency Operations Plan, and the basic principles of emergency preparedness. After completing the core training series, participants are then provided further training based on individual job assignments and interests.

Training sessions include a mix of classroom and online courses. Classroom courses involve a variety of delivery methods such as lectures, guest presenters, and exercises. The training and enrichment opportunities provided under this program are an important part to ensuring a successful emergency response effort. Courses are designed to enhance and build upon participants current skills, while preparing them to effectively respond to any emergency situation. All training and materials are provided at no cost.  


If you are a faculty or staff member who likes to help others or would like to help make a difference during a time of crisis, please complete the Spartans Act interest form or contact the Office of Emergency Management to start helping today! 

For more information on the program, please review the Spartans Act Policy or contact the Office of Emergency Management.  

For more information contact the
Office of Emergency Management:

Email: BeReady@uncg.edu
Phone: 336.256.8632