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What is Emergency Management?

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Emergency Management at UNCG

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Presentations and Workshops

Each semester, a variety of presentations and workshops are offered that provide information on various topics related to emergency preparedness. These include discussion based and hands-on workshops.  Presentations are offered both on general emergency preparedness, and special topics such as severe weather... Read more.

Chancellor's Policy Group

The Chancellor’s Policy Group (CPG), under the direction of the Chancellor, is comprised of the Chancellor and her Executive Staff, the Associate Vice Chancellor for Safety and Risk Management, and various other key officials... Read more. 

Emergency Planning and Response Team

The University maintains an Emergency Planning and Response Team (EPART) that is comprised of key administrative personnel from various departments and offices.  The departments offer critical resources and operational support for emergency response and recovery, and represent each operational unit of the University... Read more.

Spartans Act: Disaster and Emergency Volunteer Program

Volunteers can play an important role in the University’s response to emergencies and disasters that impact campus.  They have the ability to provide assistance in critical roles and help make a difference in the lives of those impacted by a disaster.  UNCG has established a program that allows current UNCG faculty and staff the opportunity to assist in the response efforts following a significant emergency or disaster on campus... Read More.